Forecast For Abersoch Issued: Tuesday 22nd July, 2014 at 9.10am By Chas

Headline Summary: Low Cloud Very Slowly Lifting. Very Warm Again.

General Situation: The outlook continues to be generally very good according to this morning's charts with some uncertainty for the second half of the weekend, but there appears to be a reasonable chance of the fine and very warm spell continuing...

Today: We have some low cloud here in Abersoch this morning which has been giving a damp feel to the air, however it is still rather warm. The big question is how long will it take the low cloud to lift and allow through some spells of sunshine. At the moment, it looks like it might take until later in the morning or the first part of the afternoon before some hazy sunshine starts to develop with eastern parts of the peninsula perhaps brightening up first. There is a chance that the bighter weather may come along more quickly, or more slowly, but hopefully it will arrive at some stage, with a very fine second half of the afternoon and evening possible. Feeling very warm any of the brighter spells and hot in the sunshine. Winds mostly light and from a westerly quarter, possibly enhanced by a sea breeze this afternoon.

Tonight: There could be some low cloud moving in again tonight.

Wednesday: There could be some low cloud to shift again on Wednesday morning, before the sun breaks through. With the light winds coming out of the east, there is a reasonable chance of any overnight cloud shifting away quite early, meaning the possibility of a hot and sunny day for Abersoch.

Thursday / Friday: Potentially very warm or hot, dry and mostly very sunny, with some patchy cloud floating about. Sea breezes springing up in the afternoons. The risk of a shower may increase slightly, but may stay low for this area.

Outlook: There appears to be a reasonable chance, according to the latest charts, that the weekend may be mostly fine, and very warm. There are some differences between the GFS and ECMWF charts for this period, meaning the level of uncertainty is fairly high as, although the GFS is showing sunny and hot weather, the ECMWF charts introduce a more showery regime for a time, but even these charts may still end up being mostly OK for this area.

Extended Outlook: The latest extended GFS and ECMWF charts are both showing high pressure dominating or not too far away from the UK for the first half of next week. GFS is generally showing sunny and hot weather, with ECMWF not as hot, but still mostly OK.

For more info on the outlook from the professionals, the Met Office extended 6 to 30 day outlooks are generally very useful and are updated daily between 11.30 am and 1.30pm. They can can be found on this link here.





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